The Benefits Of Allowing Your Website Visitors to Request a Call Back

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The Benefits Of Allowing Your Website Visitors to Request a Call Back

No customer likes to be put on hold forever and no one likes to be ghosted either. One of the many solutions to overcome this hurdle is to increase the number of employees in your service department. The trouble is that if your call department experiences high volume when calls spike only occasionally, then having additional support staff might lead to unproductive idle time and increased costs.

Using click to call or call back request software can eliminate the waiting time for customers. Without a doubt, all businesses and customers love to have call-back technologies to back them up in every situation, as it is a very useful user engagement tool.

So, if you want to convert website visitors into buyers, then you need a callback request feature – which comes standard with Converstaff. Let’s go through some of the main benefits of offering a call back request to your customers.

  • Enhanced Agent Productivity

Once a customer requests a callback, the agent will have access to the caller’s information on his screen. They are just ‘one press of a button’ away from communicating with their customers. This process saves a lot of time and increases productivity as the agent no longer has to perform extra efforts to gather the contact details of a caller.

  • Reduced Toll Charges

The holding time can lead to higher toll charges and can increase the business cost to a concerned extent. But with the help of a call back request option, there are no heavy toll charges or increased business costs, as there is no time to hold; only call back.

  • Better Customer Maintenance

Call back technology always makes sure the customers don’t lose their time waiting in line. With a callback feature, your customers will be more satisfied, impressed and will stick to your product/brand. As a result, you get higher customer maintenance.

  • Always Chasing

With this technology, there will never be any loss of leads when the agents are pre-occupied and are not able to answer a call right away. As soon as the caller chooses the callback request, their info is recorded, and an agent who is free calls them back accordingly.

  • Minimum Handle Times

It is very nice to be able to request a call back rather than to be on hold forever, and this is why customers love it so much. In addition to this, the callback request is received by the most skilled agent who is able to create a satisfying conversation with the customer. Both of these things increase the efficiency and morale of an agent and leads to minimum handling time.

  • Best First-Call Experience

When it comes to measuring the experience of a call center, the first-call experience is the main thing. It is directly proportional to customer satisfaction, efficient usage of agent time and less inbound calls.

With a callback situation, an agent is given time to gather necessary callback info and know the previous history of the customer before calling to reduce call desertion and receive more FCR.

Converstaff has multiple solutions to choose from depending on your business needs.

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